Welcome… to the snow

“Toronto isn’t usually like this” I’ve heard a lot in the last 24 hours… Whether blizzards and 20-30 cm of snow in a matter of hours are, or are not, normal occurrences here, my first impressions remain epic. This is quite a city. I’m here for the second leg of my Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship travels – to explore improving care and reducing variation in outcomes for extremely preterm babies – but if you’ve been following my story on Twitter you’ll already know that #EQuIIP. Today’s attire has included thermal vest and leggings, long sleeved top, jumper, fleece, standard trousers, scarf (let’s be honest, it’s a blanket…), glove liners, mittens, Big Coat and bobble hat. I was ok. Not hot.

Whilst here I’ll be visiting and meeting with teams at Mount Sinai Hospitals, The Canadian Neonatal Network¬†(CNN), EPIQ (Evidence-based Practice for Improving Quality) and a few key others – it’s quite a schedule. The international EPIQ annual conference, QI workshops and CNN annual meetings are all on the agenda too – note book at the ready!

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