An “epiq” training opportunity

The EPIQ programme training workshops are now being disseminated to locations in several countries. On several continents even. Originating from Canada (see my previous posts…) it’s not hard to see why this practical take on the IHI methodology for Quality Improvement, translated to consider the needs and opportunities specific to neonatal care, has captured units’ imaginations internationally.

Teams as glamorous and enthused as any you’ll find (see above!) came together from across the globe to train in EPIQ methodology, focusing on their 10 steps to success. A highly problem-based style of facilitation, each group selected and worked through (in an accelerated fashion) a real-life challenge for care in one or more of our base units. Examples included how to manage risks associated with the infection risks of mobile phones, a multitude of approaches to the location and pathways of care for intravenous antibiotics in “well” babies at risk… the variety was really stimulating.

Tools, tips and techniques evolved and disseminated throughout the day and it was utterly eye-opening to learn from colleagues around the world concerning their routines and standards of care. This was an incredible opportunity to explore defined approaches to evaluating a problem, sharing the language of a QI process and understanding some of the world wide priorities from direct clinical practitioners in neonatology. I would recommend it highly and hope that we can emulate the model back in the UK – a cohesive approach sharing a common language and toolkit.

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